Professional Scrum Master 1 - Certification Training

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Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) is an interactive, course where students gain a strong understanding of Professional Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master. Through a combination of discussion and exercises, students develop a deep understanding of the underlying principles of Scrum and the Agile mindset while learning the practices applied by successful Scrum Teams. Course Learning Objectives: -Help Scrum Teams deliver value to their organization -Understand the theory and principles behind Scrum and empiricism -Understand how each part of the Scrum framework ties back to the principles and theory -Understand uncertainty and complexity in product delivery -Understand the meaning and importance of the Scrum values -Learn what Done means and why it is crucial to transparency -Know how to use the Product Backlog to plan with agility -Understand the importance of self-managing teams, interpersonal skills needed, and the Scrum Master role -Clarify the leadership role a Scrum Master play on the team -Learn the skills and traits and behavior shifts required to be a Scrum Master