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Scrum is a proven revolutionary development framework to quickly respond to vision changes. Scrum being the effective development methodology for software companies, spreads beyond IT to other fields. It is the answer to demotivated employees, frustrated customers, endless unrealistic deadlines and poor quality software. The Agile Manifesto also describes twelve principles of agile development: -Provide customer satisfaction through early and continuous software delivery -Accommodate changing requirements throughout the development process -Supply frequent delivery of working software -Collaborate between the business stakeholders and developers throughout the project -Support, trust, and motivate the people involved -Enable face-to-face interactions -Measure progress through working software -Use Agile processes to support a consistent development pace -Enhance agility through attention to technical detail and design -Keep things simple by developing just enough to get the job done for right now -Self-organize teams to encourage great architectures, requirements, and designs -Reflect regularly on how to become more effective -As we move through the rest of the course, see if you can observe how these principles shine through various Agile methodologies. Who can benefit? Are you tired of managing demotivated employees, frustrated customers, endless unrealistic deadlines and poor quality software? Agile/Scrum can help you solve these problems, if done right! Want to learn how to get started on your journey to a peaceful life in your job as a software delivery executive or similar role? Attend the course and learn how!!

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Introduction to Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Manifesto - Introduction 10min 22sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Self Organized Teams 14min 32sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Cross Functional Team 4min 15sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Retrospectives 3min 56sec
  • Agile Manifesto- Collaborative Brainstorming 5min 19sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Disagree and Commit 6min 19sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Estimation 7min 23sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Motivation 4min 36sec

Introduction to Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Manifesto - Focus 5min 6sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Simplicity 3min 30sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Communication 2min 26sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Spike vs Prototype 2min 48sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Small Batches 3min 14sec
  • Agile Manifesto - MVP 2min 41sec
  • Agile Manifesto - MVF and Visibility 5min 53sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Happiness Index 2min 40sec

Introduction to Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Manifesto - Customer Trust 2min 30sec
  • Agile Manifesto - 80_20 Rule 3min 25sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Explore Subjects 2min 9sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Prioritization 3min 11sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Think Different 1min 50sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Systems Thinking 3min 46sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Counter Intuitive Thinking 3min 6sec

Introduction to Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Manifesto - Inspect Adapt and Transparent 4min 42sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Tools 2min 44sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Lead Times 4min 4sec
  • Agile Manifesto - Technical Excellence 5min 28sec
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Ansar Muhammad

CTO at XynoTech Ltd



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    Tauseef Muhammad


    I have been a student of Ansar in the course of Agile Project management. He has my reverence. I have found him a genuinely passionate professional and teacher. Committed to the highest level to whatever he does. I have found him very thoughtful and inspiring; both personally and professionally. He is a good teacher and a great mentor. Stay blessed and keep spreading your blessings.

  • S

    Samreen Zehra


    I feel honored to be one of Mr. Ansar's students and would like to say A BIG THANK YOU for enlightening me about the best Agile Project Management Practices and teaching me how Test-Driven Development is a highly desirable ingredient for successfully implementing the same. Being an experienced industry specialist and a skilled professional, he has a deep insight into the concepts and technicalities of the subject. His passion for Agile PM and command of the subject were reflected in his lesson delivery. I have never witnessed a teaching style so engaging and yet simple to follow. He explains the concept from many different perspectives with practical examples. I also appreciate how he shared his knowledge with the students about a range of top-rated literature on the subject being taught. Looking forward to the continued learning from you and more interactions with you in the future.

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